Here’s a glance of Retail Reset agenda

Day 1: 19 July 2022, Tuesday

Retail reset 2.0


To diversify or not to diversify: Reviewing your brand’s value proposition to stay competitive

Physical store is not dead: C-suite exchange on the purpose of a store today

Preparing for the worst: Overcoming shortages during the peak seasons

Customer engagement


Shopping in new retail: Create personalised experiences that drive customer lifetime value

Keeping up with your customers: Driving retail transformation to stay competitive and agile 

Experiential retail


Pop-up stores, flagships, showrooming: Reinventing contemporary retail for the best value

Buy now, pay later (BNPL): Reap the rewards of bigger basket sizes and repeat customers

Building your tech stack for 5-star service: Gamifying operational performance of F&B restaurants  

Making omnichannel retailing possible: Build a seamless customer journey on all touchpoints 

Teamwork makes the dream work: Collaborating with key partners for a first-class shopping experience

Day 2: 20 July 2022, Wednesday

Digital retail revolution


Unlocking the power of technology transformation: Is there a future in NFTs for retailers? 

Future retail currency: The rise of cryptocurrencies for new age consumers

Demystifying the wild world of Chinese e-commerce: Is that TikTok brand eating your lunch? 

Automating retail processes: Cashierless stores of the future to overcome shortages

Scale your retail tech: Innovating retail digital transformation to drive higher engagement and retail sales

Resilient supply chain


The great supply chain disruption: Meet delivery targets with forecasting and demand planning

Retail roadmap beyond 2022


Next-gen retail loyalty marketing: Integrating a rewards programme with gamification

The omnichannel opportunity: Digitising a heritage B2B business for a unified shopping experience  

Phygital stores of the future: Driving smart retail audit for long-term success  

Looking into the crystal ball: Bulletproofing your retail strategy against all odds for 2023 and beyond