From brick-to-click-to-brick: The future of seamless retail experiences

Get inspired and connect with retail’s brightest minds in Asia!


19-20 July, 2022
9am – 4.30pm SGT / GMT+8
Shangri-La Singapore


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The next frontier of retail is here. While retailers have demonstrated their flexibility to overcome the many challenges facing their industry, the past two years have seen massive changes to the retail industry, and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. With many parts of the world opening up, consumers are finally able to fulfill their craving to shop in-person after clicking the “Add to cart” button one too many times. However, this also means consumers are expecting the buying experience to be consistent both online and offline. How does this impact retail businesses?

In 2022, retail businesses need to level up their seamless retail strategy to deliver first-class shopping experience across all channels. Innovation is non-negotiable, and at Retail Reset 2022, it is the one-stop conference for retailers to adopt best practices on driving growth and revenue amidst so much change. This conference focuses on engineering interactive and dynamic omnichannel experiences for customer acquisition, retention, and organic engagement to thrive in this overly-competitive space.


Once again, retail has been redefined. The shift of store from being the point purchase to the place of experience.

In 2021, 90% of APAC consumers expected retailers to sell their products online. Fast forward a year later, every channel is your storefront, especially in today’s connected world. 2 in 3 APAC retailers are eyeing store footprint expansion in 2022. It’s high-time retailers rethink the purpose of a store to fulfill beyond just customers coming and purchasing. Interaction with customers are not only online or in-person, but at all touchpoints on the customer journey.

At Retail Reset, learn from the most impressive minds on how retailers, with strategic use of technology, data and customer engagement, will be able to take advantage of the new retail era to keep the customers coming back and the revenue coming in.

Key takeaways at Retail Reset

Bulletproof your retail strategy to be more agile and better prepared to navigate volatility while dealing with abrupt changes in consumer behaviour.

Create a seamless customer journey map that gives a high-level overview of all the touchpoints between the retailer and customer.

Evaluate your retail business' value proposition for diversification of revenue streams to ensure long-term business longevity.

Develop next-gen retail loyalty programme to drive hyper-personalisation and meaningful customer data acquisition strategy.

Integrate a robust retail cybersecurity structure to protect customer data, improve customer experience, and create loyal customers for your business.

Innovate experiential retailing with leading retail technology, automated processes, cashless shopping, and more, catered satisfy to contemporary retail customers.

Collaborate with key industry retail players with aligned business objectives to unlock new opportunities for your business to boost retail sales.

Adopt frictionless and direct one-click purchasing options with the perks of social commerce to drive retail sales and acquire new segments of customers.

Build a resilient supply chain network with forecasting and demand planning to overcome shortages during peak seasons.

Deliver best-in-class customer service with a newly trained retail team that is well-equipped to handle the expectations and needs of the new-age customers.

Who should attend Retail Reset?

  • Retail executives who are looking at reinventing their retail strategies for higher customer engagement, acquisition and retention.
  • Operations, digital and planning executives who are seeking to improve omnichannel retail capabilities.
  • Sales and marketing professionals who are responsible for designing campaigns to better connect with their target audience.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to refresh their retail strategy to scale their retail sales.

2022 Speakers

Kenji Narushima

Kenji Narushima

Chief Strategy Officer

Aldric Chau

Aldric Chau

Head of Retail, E-commerce & Travel Partnerships, Asia Miles

Cathay Pacific

Vivek Kaul

Vivek Kaul

Head of Retail, Advisory & Transaction Services, Asia

Siddarth Chaturvedi

Siddarth Chaturvedi

Country Head

Guillaume Charleton

Guillaume Charleton

Regional Head of Operations


Rameet Kaur

Rameet Kaur

General Manager

Guillaume Charleton

Guillaume Charleton

Global Marketing Director



Swarnim Bharadwaj

Swarnim Bharadwaj

Global Brand Director

Lux, Unilever

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