14 – 15 September 2021


9am – 5pm SGT





Reset for Success. Rewrite the retail rule book.

COVID-19 has been with us for 18 months and retail businesses are still absorbing the impact of the pandemic’s sudden and profound disruption. Surge in online spending, social media becoming social commerce, silver surfers shopping online with increased competition in e-commerce marketplace – you name it. It is necessary to overhaul current practices to capture new market share from this new generation of consumers. However, this may require some drastic changes that your organisation might not be prepared for. 

As we reflect on the retail landscape since the pandemic, a few trends come to mind heading into this new era: 

  • Developing new retail capabilities to lead towards a unified commerce strategy
  • Optimising your organisation’s value proposition for the new generation of consumers
  • Winning customer engagement despite changed habits and premium expectations
  • Maximising your retail reach beyond local markets with entry into China
  • Pivoting your business portfolio to keep the cash flow coming in
  • Re-inventing in-person shopping with experiential retail strategies
  • Evolving your digital channels and supply chain for increased convenience

If you and your organisation are facing challenges in any one of the noted trends above, Retail Reset seeks to help you address that knowledge gap in order to meet your business needs. 

Featuring industry experts showcased by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, our upcoming two-day virtual conference will see you equipped with industry insights and case studies to pivot into the new normal for the retail sector. You can expect to walk away with key strategies and an in-depth understanding of the next steps necessary to rewrite the rule book for retail businesses.  



Join us now to stay ahead of the retail game, learn from INDUSTRY EXPERTS 

and beat the competition! 

5 key areas to address when re-strategising  retail goals


1. Understanding the new retail landscape 

The global pandemic has only accelerated the digitalisation that the retail industry was beginning to undertake at the advent of e-commerce and new retail platforms. However, businesses that are unable to keep pace with this speed of change will find themselves ubiquitous.


2. Evaluating your business for the new consumer 

The new generation of consumers is more circumspect, savvy and willing to put their money where their mouth is. Businesses can no longer rely on good deals or discounts to win over their premium loyalty. Therefore, reflect upon your value proposition and ensure it aligns to the metrics of the new consumer to capture market share. 


3. Retooling for the digital age with key technological investments 

With the rise of online to offline sales channels, the emergence of virtual storefronts and convenience-first retail, organisations have to ensure they’re able to meet these increasingly complex demands. In order to do so, the right technological foundation is needed.


4. Preparing for the age of unified commerce 

Unified commerce is the next frontier for the customer’s path to purchase. Traditional retail and physical stores must re-invent themselves to fit into the digital sales funnel and give way to the rise of digital business platforms. To maintain relevancy, firms will have to pragmatically implement the acceleration of their unified commerce strategy. 


5. Re-engineering the new wave of logistic network infrastructure

More emphasis is placed for customers to receive their products anytime and anywhere within a short time from the point of purchase. Organisations need to create a dependable and reliable system to cater to this new expectation to keep customers coming back for more. 

Walk away from our event learning the following

  • Prepare for the era of new retail where home is the hub of activity
  • Optimise data analytics that can help boost your business growth
  • Pinpoint the right experiential retail strategy for your business
  • Start planning for a retail strategy to reach out to your customers 24/7
  • Enter the Chinese marketplace with winning e-commerce strategy
  • Evaluate your digital engagement strategy to the new consumer
  • Pivot your business portfolio to attract new profiles of customers


Retail-reset take-away

Our panel of experts:

Lim Ben-Jie

Lim Ben-Jie

Head of E-commerce


Reuben Yong

Reuben Yong

Head, Digital Platforms (Coalition), Retail and Workspace


Elaine Heng

Elaine Heng

Chief Executive Officer, Retail Business

FairPrice Group

Lawrence Lim

Lawrence Lim

Chief Growth Officer

Kinofy Pte Ltd

Anson Bailey

Anson Bailey

Head of Consumer & Retail, ASPAC and Head of Technology, Media & Telecoms, Hong Kong


Ankit Porwal

Ankit Porwal

General Manager, E-commerce (CPD, SAPMENA Zone)


Jane Leong

Jane Leong

VP of Data & Growth

Love, Bonito

Tan Boxian

Tan Boxian

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Ninja Van

Anurag Mukherjee

Anurag Mukherjee

Head of Technology

PT Matahari Department Store TBK, Indonesia

David Lee

David Lee

Digital Commerce Expert & Consultant

Singapore Institute of Retail Studies

Classmates focus on brainstorming

What makes Retail Reset unique?

  • This conference is a strategy showcase for retailers to revamp their existing strategies based on the latest trends while paving the way for better retail success.
  • In two days, you will be able to gain a holistic understanding of the steps you need to take to take advantage of the retail recovery as the economy opens up.
  • Our sessions showcase authentic experience sharing from top-notch industry speakers with best practices and case studies.


Who should attend?

  • Executives looking to gear up their retail strategy for business growth in the new normal
  • Campaign managers seeking to better connect with their target audience better
  • Operations and Planning professionals who are looking at improving digital retail
  • Retail businesses looking at expanding their overseas reach beyond local markets
  • Sales and Marketing professionals looking for strategic counsel for futureproofing their retail business

Why you should attend this course?

  • Improve your business growth in order in order to thrive beyond this pandemic
  • Scale your business value proposition to remain relevant and competitive
  • Be updated on the latest trends and strategies to remain competitive in this face-paced industry
  • Take the lead in maximising the window of opportunities presented for retailers today
  • Prove to your employer, your colleagues, and your customers that you’re at the top of your retail game 

Sponsors & Partners 

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We’re proud to present this dynamic virtual conference aimed to address the pressing knowledge gap and challenges professionals on the ground might face as they pivot into this new retail normal. Be a part of the answer for these organisations and gain the opportunity to connect with our widespread audience from across the region. 

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Sponsorship benefits

Lead Generation

Direct Prospect Engagement 

Take the opportunity to interact virtually with our audience of decision makers and leaders as they share with you their challenges coming into the new normal.

Brand Visibility

Brand Visibility

Put your firm’s best foot forward and be the market expert by sharing your knowledge and insights in the field.

Product scenarios

Product Showcase

Show off your suite of products and services that can empower marketers and business leaders drive performance and insights on a virtual platform.

Gain insights

Gain Insights – Tap the collective mind

Using community surveys and polls – find out what’s on the minds of marketers and understand how your business solution can help them drive towards their commercial goals.