Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is this event held?

Retail Reset will take place on 19-20 July. It is a physical conference, taking place in Singapore. All times and dates reflected in the website and brochures are in SGT (GMT+8).

Note: We will ensure that the Safety Management Measurements (SMM) are adhered according to the government’s directives. Your Health and safety are our priority, and we will ensure necessary steps are taken to ensure that learning can be done in the safest and healthiest environment for all.

Can participants download the videos?
No, however we will ensure that participants can login for a limited time post-event and rewatch the sessions they are interested in.
If participants can have access to past recordings – how long AFTER the virtual conference can they still access the videos on the virtual conference platform?
Participants will have up to 60 days of VOD playback access after the virtual conference.
Will there be ‘notes’ or ‘presentations’ that participants can download? Or will it be sent to them?
Yes, like all our conferences, approved speaker presentations will be made available to delegates post-event, upon completion of our feedback form.
Can I cancel my conference registration? What is your refund policy?
No cancellation is allowed upon registration. There will be no refund made for non-attendance. However, if you are unable to attend, you may assign your login details to another party. Kindly note that our system will only accept one unique login per user at a time.
How can I network with other delegates and/or speakers during the conference?

There will be opportunities available for you to network and interact with other participants during the conference. Safety Management Measurements will be to be strictly adhered to ensure a safe in-person experience for all.

Can we download the recordings?
Recordings will be available for viewing only, no download is allowed.
Will I be able to receive the slides?
You will be able to download the slides upon completion of feedback form at the end of each day. Please note that only slides approved by speakers will be downloadable.