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Building new retail operating models


Refocusing your retail brand advantages and customer strategy

The pandemic has changed what is deemed essential and what is not. While many retail brands thrive in this shift, others are struggling to stay afloat. Refocusing your brand to opportunities in digital retail and Online-to-Offline-to-Online retail activation is key to staying in the game. Learn from industry experts how this retail pivot can be planned for and realised via best practices and case studies.


Andrew Yin
Head for Digital Marketing, E-commerce & New Retail, Asia


Ludovico Benazzo
Global Retail Operations Director

Jane Leong
VP of Data & Growth
Love, Bonito

Alexandra Vogler
Senior Director & Head of Marketing, P&G E-commerce & E-business, Asia, Middle East & Africa
Procter & Gamble


Clicks vs Bricks: The importance of integration

Entering the new normal, businesses have a better foresight on planning and choosing between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar is not the game plan. With Covid-19 likely to become endemic, maturing omnichannel capabilities is pivotal. Leveraging both online and offline within a unified commerce system and processes is key to accelerate business growth. This session explores the key factors in designing a sophisticated omnichannel strategy to retain, engage and attract customers across the region.

Reuben Yong
Head, Digital Platforms (Coalition), Retail and Workspace


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Re-engineering last-mile logistics for a holistic customer experience

New regulations and policies that are introduced during the pandemic have hindered effective internal management, market access, demand, distribution and most importantly, customer experience. Customer experience doesn’t end at the point of purchase. The delivery journey is as important. This session examines how to overcome last-mile logistic challenges to meet high expectations, build trust and retain customer loyalty.   


Nicole Tretwer
Head of Logistics Services, APAC


Winston Seow
Chief Commercial Officer
Ninja Van

Jayan Dy
VP Digital, Head of ShopSM
SM Retail

Saket Gore
CEO – Asia Pacific
The Himalaya Drug Company

New retail experiences with winning digital engagement strategies


Leveraging the role of valuable customer data for a blended customer experience 

Building a unified framework to allow multiple product offerings and services is key to give a new face to customer experience and maximise readily available data sources. Scaling your digital engagement strategies on various social platforms could be that golden nugget for you deliver value and improve relevance. Learn how to collect and optimise data assets to map a customer journey that is relevant. 

Sean Valencia
Marketing Strategist, APAC Marketing Lead
Treasure Data


Deactivating crisis mode: Planning your retail marketing plan for 2022 and beyond

With marketing teams starting to decentralise functions and responsibilities since the pandemic, there is an ever more crucial highlight on the need to plan at a hyperlocal level. With greater push for vaccination, should advertisers and retailers continue the plan to decentralise marketing functions or return to a centralised strategy? This session discusses benefits of a hyperlocal marketing strategy, and best practices on approaching this from both a regional and local perspectives.

David Lim
VP, Marketing


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Livestreaming: The best of in-store and online shopping for stay-at-home consumers

Celebrities and social influencers have a growing impact on consumer purchase decisions. Despite the digital composition, the traditional tenets of retail haven’t changed. The power of human connection and journey of product discovery could still make or break your customer experience. This session examines the key considerations of a retail experience that are authentic and informative using livestreaming for the new generation of consumers.

Ankit Porwal
General Manager, E-commerce (CPD, SAPMENA Zone)


Lead generation: Converting digital engagement leads to sales

You can obtain leads anywhere, but where do you start looking? Retail businesses can no longer depend on traditional means of getting sales because it is a whole new ballgame today. More importantly, post-engagement engagement strategies are what keep the customers coming back for more. In this session, you will learn best practices in nurturing, tracking and converting leads into sales from online and in-store data sources. 

Bikash Pathak
Head of E-commerce
Jashanmal Group


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