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Welcome and opening remarks

Rezwana Manjur, Regional Editor, MARKETING-INTERACTIVE

Theme 1: The future of retail


Preparing for the retail landscape in 2021 and beyond:

  • Reinventing your value proposition
    – Consumer centricity
    – Convenience
    – Customisation
    – Consumer contribution
  • How has the pandemic changed the retail industry?
  • Identifying the 3 tenets of new retail
    – Work from home
    – Shop from home
    – Socialise from home
  • Futureproofing your business by incorporating new retail

Exercise 1: Creating your new retail roadmap

Trainer: David Lee
Digital Commerce Lead
Singapore Institute of Retail Studies 


Driving retail success with data listening:

  • The importance of social and ecommerce data listening
    – Build customer profiles from timing, locale and context data
  • Cost effective data collection strategies
  • From data to insights: Learn framing exercises
    – Drive insight-driven customer scenarios and service strategies
  • Reset your path of purchase from consideration to conversion
    – Using hyper-localised insights to drive 24/7 commerce
    – Integrating marketing and sales with social commerce

Retail Play Exercise 2: Develop a new retail drop strategy from online to offline using social listening data


Lunch time

Theme 2: Build a space in new marketplaces


Growing your new retail ecosystem in Southeast Asia

  • Understand the ecommerce landscape in Singapore & Southeast Asia
  • Broad overview for apps and marketplaces in the region
  • Grasp opportunities to design strategies for Southeast Asia and even China
  • TikTok commerce vs Instagram commerce: Identify the next social commerce battleground

Exercise 3: A 60-day scenario planning for a social commerce campaign or web store launch via a diary and checklist approach.

Kestrel-LeeTrainer: Kestrel Lee
Digital Lead, Media and Technology


Starting small and scaling through collaboration:

  • The difference between building your own ecosystems versus partnering with existing ecosystems
  • Key considerations when undertaking either
  • Evaluating what is best for your business

Exercise 4: Creating a timeline for your organisation’s new retail adoption.

Trainer: Cynthia Luo
Head of Ecommerce & Social Enterprise Start Up Mentor
Reckitt Benckiser Singapore


End of day one