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Welcome and opening remarks

The Future of Retail


Embracing the new retail landscape entering the era of endemic

The retail landscape is not what it was anymore. While it has been evolving over the years, Covid-19 has accelerated its trajectory significantly. Many learned quickly that they have to remain agile and adapt fast. Entering into the new normal, how should retailers in the region navigate this new arena? This panel discussion sets the tone on key factors when adapting to changes and biggest Covid-19 lessons learned from industry experts.


Elaine Heng
Chief Executive Officer, Retail Business
FairPrice Group


Actions speak louder than words: Re-evaluating your business’ value proposition

Businesses are always under scrutiny on how they respond to global events. Customer loyalty today is forged based on shared values and purpose. The pandemic has given retail businesses many opportunities to redefine and demonstrate what they truly stand for beyond commercial objectives. This session explores the journey to becoming a purpose-led organisation that live their purpose as a guiding principle for business growth and decision-making.

Anson Bailey
Head of Consumer & Retail, ASPAC and Head of Technology, Media & Telecoms, Hong Kong


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Venturing into New Marketplaces for Business Growth


New Retail Horizon: Developing an end-to-end e-commerce strategy in China

E-commerce was always meant to disrupt brick-and-mortar retail, but Covid-19 expedite its trajectory especially in Southeast Asia. Entry into China allows for retail to diversify their sales pipeline and most importantly, have direct access to Chinese consumers, especially with the rise of millennials in China. This session examines key factors in growing your social commerce overseas for easy management, no matter where your business is based at.   

Lawrence Lim
Chief Growth Officer
Kinofy Pte Ltd


Repurposing your business space for new retail ventures

Retail spaces are often left unattended during the pandemic. You are not making money, but you are still paying rent. So, what is next for your business? Folding your business is not the answer as you’ve spent years building it up from ground-up. In this session, you will pick up best practices on being innovative with empty retail spaces to diversify your business. Learn from the best pop-up experiences.

Retooling for the Digital Age


Understanding the new generation of consumers with an integrated CRM

A concrete customer relationship management is the unsung hero for retail businesses. Valuable customer data that is collected will allow retailers to keep tabs on their buying patterns to provide a better quality of services and product offerings. This session examines the best practices on using an integrated CRM to capture and optimise rich customer data assets for increased customer loyalty.


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Retail redefined: Going digital for an elevated shopping experience

Contactless technologies are all the rage right now when it comes to in-store shopping because health and safety are the purchase drivers today. However, this doesn’t eliminate authentic connection between the brand and customers.  Digitalising every phase of the path to purchase gives shopping experience a new lens, and presents many other alternatives to create meaningful relationships. This session will assess the key factors in finding ideal path to purchase customer journey.


David Lee
Digital Commerce Expert & Consultant
Singapore Institute of Retail Studies


Shopping without borders: Building a mobile-first strategy for the new retail experience

Making a purchase now can happen anytime, anywhere. Customers are no longer bounded by the rigidity of their desktop or geographical locations. Mobile is the gateway to consumers everywhere. How can you maximise this mobility and access to diversify your reach beyond local markets? This session explores best practices on creating seamless navigation with a mobile-first strategy that is convenient and value for your money.

Lim Ben-Jie
Head of E-commerce


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